The IT system of the web store operated by the Data Manager places small identifying data packets (so-called “cookies”) on Users’ computers in order to ensure customised service. These cookies are used to ensure operation of the web page concerned at the highest quality possible in order to increase user experience. Identification may serve for remarketing purposes, that is, certain third-party providers – including Google – may display advertisements customised for the User at the User’s computer at websites visited by the User. Users may delete cookies from their computers or set up their browser to disable the use of cookies. Disabling reception of cookies by Users will not exclude the use of services offered by the web store operated by the Data Manager.
The Data Manager uses the following cookies:
– Session cookie: session cookies are automatically deleted after the visit of the Data Subject. The purpose of the cookies is to facilitate a more effective and safe operation of the Data Manager’s website, so they are inevitable for the proper functioning of given features of the website or of given applications.
– Persistent cookie: the Data Manager uses persistent cookies to enhance the user experience (e.g. by providing optimised navigation). Such cookies are stored for a longer period in the cookie file of the browser. The length of this period depends on the browser settings of the Data Subject.
– Cookie used in a password-protected session.
– Cookie necessary for the cart.
– Safety cookie.

The ‘Help’ function to be found in most web browser’s menu provides information on how the Data Subject can do the following in their own browser:

– block cookies
– accept new cookies
– instruct their browser to set up new cookies, or
– turn off other cookies.

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